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Guest Post: Thriving Requires: Change

By December 13, 2015August 13th, 2019Thriving Requires




1. make or become different
“a proposal to change the law”

2. take or use another instead of.
“she decided to change her name”
1.the act or instance of making or becoming different.
“the change from a nomadic to an agricultural society”
synonyms: alter,  adjust, adapt, amend, modify, revise,refine;



It’s been said many times – to stay in the flow, you have to be able to change with the times.

Change is all around us, our very lives depend on it! We changed as God formed us before birth, as we grew physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in maturity. If things remained the same in our lives, there would be no forward movement and we’d be resigned to sitting in the same position every day until we died. That, my friends, is not existing – there’s no life. It’s not the way God created us- He wants us to enjoy life and even more so!

We NEED change to thrive – to live the life intended for us. As we go through different seasons in our walk, different situations, meet different people, it makes for a broader sense of self. Our likes, dislikes, curiosity, sense of adventure, peace, creativity and more can be honed and grow as we transform, to make us more unique, better than we were before, and we can enjoy the resulting difference! Many people hate change, preferring to keep to a routine life which is easy, predictable, worry-free…..stationary. While there are times in our lives that do call for “resting and recuperating”, these folks walk in a consistent, conventional bubble that protects them from transforming into more than what they are. They are “stuck” and cannot move forward – there is no true existence there.

Sometimes this is due to fear of the unknown, or resistance to an idea that makes us feel “out of control”. I submit to you that until you truly let go and face those fears, allowing God to help you walk through new encounters with Him, you will not be able to find a totally new freedom to your life! Stretching our reality by allowing new things, experiences and thoughts into our lives will propel us into a new, fresh, exciting place. Even when we have to work at change, belying our fears and questions, it will enhance and sharpen our senses, creating an energy and excitement that makes it worth the effort! We can move forward on a conscious level by considering new ways of looking at current opinions and attitudes. Asking WHY – not just because “I’ve always believed that way”. Motivate yourself to experiment with new concepts, think through new ideas, ask questions and delve into a new area that in the past has been foreign to you. Talk with people who are experts in their areas and get fresh insight into unfamiliar territories.

Change suggestions:

  1. Check out new foods, places to shop, businesses that look interesting
  2. Read an inspirational book
  3. Pray
  4. Take a different way home

Just DO it!

You will see how making the effort adds to creating a more unique and colorful living experience!

Make this New Year one where you commit to broadening your spirit, soul and body with fresh ideas and allowing those walls of inflexible views to collapse. In the process, you’ll see yourself and your future with a different pair of eyes. You won’t only change, you’ll THRIVE!


karen headshotKaren Barnes – Ministry Director of Fire for the Nations ( . Karen has worked in ministry-related activities for over 30 years, including being on staff for 6 years with Campus Life, Youth for Christ. She has also worked as an Assistant Children’s Pastor, Senior Children’s Pastor, “KickBack” City-wide After School Program Founder and Director, Youth Pastor, Music Director, and has held other assorted positions in numerous churches and charitable organizations for the previous 30+ years. She majored in elementary education in college, and has been working with children ever since. Karen has also ministered in many different countries, including the US, giving humanitarian aid, organizing ministries, working with street children and orphans, helping start churches, preaching, teaching and evangelizing.


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