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Setting Up Your Dubsado Account Part 1: Settings and Integrations

Welcome to the world of Dubsado, a powerful tool to streamline your business processes and enhance client management. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up your Dubsado account. From branding and email linking to calendar integration, video conferencing, project customization, and payment processor setup, we’ve got you covered.

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Brand Settings

When you first log into your Dubsado account, the initial setup involves configuring your brand settings. Follow these steps to establish a cohesive brand identity inside Dubsado:

Logo Upload:

  • Navigate to the Settings section.
  • Access the Branding tab and upload your company logo.

Customizing Brand Color:
This is the color that’s going to go on all of the links and all the buttons and all the customization that your client is gonna see. So it’s important to make sure this is your brand color.  If you don’t know the hex code you can use tools like the ColorZilla Chrome extension to pull the color from your logo.

Business Information:

  • Input your business email, phone number, and address.
  • Specify whether emails should be sent from your name or your company’s name.


Multi-user is where you can invite other people into your Dubsado account. For instance, if you’re hiring a specialist like me, or if you’ve got a VA, an admin, or another team member, this is where you can invite new users. You can’t add new users while you’re on a trial; you have to have a paid plan. So make sure you subscribe if you’re trying to invite someone to your account

Email Integration

Efficient email management is crucial. Learn how to link your email to Dubsado:

Email Configuration:
– Sign in using your Microsoft or Google account.
– Alternatively, set up SMTP for custom email configurations.

Email Preferences:
– Enable tracking features for read receipts.
– Explore additional settings for personalized email messages.

Calendar Integration

Managing your schedule seamlessly is essential. Here’s how to integrate your calendar:

Calendar Setup:
– Access the Calendar section from your dashboard.
– Sync your preferred calendar (e.g., Google Calendar) with Dubsado.

Calendar Configuration:
Once you’ve logged into your chosen calendar, then come back to calendar settings and Dubsado will show you all the calendars that you have inside of that calendar account. You can have multiple calendars within one calendar account linked to Dubsado. For instance, on my main Dubsado account, I import all the synced calendar events from all my calendars to make sure that I don’t have any scheduling conflicts. The export seetting takes the events that are scheduled inside of Dubsado, such as appointments with clients, project dates, etc, and puts it on your calendar. You probably don’t want to export onto every single calendar, but you probably want to import all or most of your calendars.

Video Conferencing

If your business involves remote meetings, setting up video conferencing is crucial because it allows dubsado to add conferencing details to your calendar and your client emails.

Conferencing Integration:
– Navigate to Settings > Integrations.
– Connect your preferred video conferencing tool (e.g., Zoom).

Calendar Link:
– Ensure your calendar is linked before configuring conferencing.
– Enable conferencing on relevant calendar.

Project Tab Setup

Efficient project management is simplified with a customized Project tab. If you don’t have these types of processes and sequences in your business right now, I would definitely recommend thinking through what process your clients or your customers go through every single time. Write that down and flesh it out because it allows you to systematize. And once you systematize, then you can really grow.

Customizing Project Stages:
To customize your lead and job categories  click “customize” on the project tab and add or reorder your lead and job categories.

Choosing a Payment Processor

Getting paid is a fundamental aspect of any business. Here’s how to set up your payment processor:

Payment Processor Selection:
– Choose from popular options like Stripe, Square, PayPal.

Integration and API Key:
– Log in to your payment processor account.
– Integrate with Dubsado and configure API keys if required.

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Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up the foundational elements of your Dubsado account. This guide provides an overview of the key components, from branding and email linking to calendar integration, video conferencing, project customization, and payment processor setup. Make sure you check out the video for a follow along step-by step guide.

Stay tuned for future guides where we’ll delve into advanced features, automation, and maximizing the potential of Dubsado for your business. Happy organizing!