Who are we?

Thrive HD – Breathing life in our clients’ visions and business ventures. Founded after witnessing small business owners who were stretched to the breaking point, Thrive HD uses media production to bring creative, concise communication to the target audiences of our small business clients.  Our desire is to see people attain success in the area that they are most passionate about.

We believe that everyone was created to Thrive. It often takes someone with a different perspective and skillset to help position us in a place to succeed. Our passion is to use our talents and drive to come alongside you and your dreams, so that you too may Thrive.

– Ben Shenkin, Founder

Meet Our Team

Benjamin Shenkin

Creative Director

Ben is a business owner with an entrepreneurial spirit who diligently and effectively meets his clients' needs.

Jecelyn Shenkin

Business Manager

Jecelyn is a dyanmic creative with an ability to read and follow the flow of any project

Ian Ditsch

Web Manager

Ian is a web and software developer who is strong in computer coding and technology as well as interpersonal relations.

Timothy Shenkin

Marketing Strategist

Tim is a philanthropic strategist with both a mind for idea implementation and a heart for people

Brianna Berger

Finance Manager

Bri has an immense heart for people and creativity, enabling her to fulfill the needs of others in innovative and practical ways