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Guest Post: Thriving Requires: Awareness (5 Health Tips)





  1. knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.
    “we need to raise public awareness of the issue”

Most everybody has some desire for becoming healthier, for example, unfortunately, doing that takes work and planning. Most folks even take the initiative and the time to write these goals out, however, missing awareness of how “the game” of thriving health works.

Achieving thriving health is all about ‘the flow’ of life from the inside-out. In other words, there is a flow of life-giving energy from inside each individual cell that projects outward to the tissue that cell is involved, to the organ, to the system, then to the body as a whole. If the cells ‘ain’t’ healthy and happy, nobody is!

When we first eat food, it starts as large particles, then gets broken down into smaller and smaller molecules such that individual tiny pieces of your Italian beef sandwich can transfer from the intestines into the bloodstream and eventually into individual cells. Essentially we eat to feed our cells, therefore, if you eat good foods that exist in nature, you become increasingly healthy from the inside out.

Likewise, if you eat tasty chemical-laden commercial food products that stay “fresh” for long periods on the store shelf, you are starving your cells of much needed nutrition. Furthermore, you are introducing chemicals that disrupt normal cell function, which translates to tissues, organs, systems and whole body dysfunction. …not thriving.

You need to develop a nutritional awareness like having a radar, so you can make good food decisions before you are hungry, when hunger is still a mile away. So here are 5 steps to developing your nutritional radar:

91. Never go shopping when hungry – you’ll buy based on desires, not needs



32. Listen to your body – What foods make you feel tired or anxious




163. Learn to read labels – if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, it may not be beneficial to your health



144. Educate yourself about danger foods; manufactured foods, flavorings, preservatives and GMO’s



175. Beware of marketing buzzwords on labels like “Fresh”, “All Natural”, “Organic”
– they are not USDA regulated – Look for the “Non-GMO” or “USDA Organic” logo




dr dave headshotDr. David Noble, Wellness & Nutrition Center – Doctor of chiropractic medicine with 20 years of healthcare experience. Dr. David is a licensed Chiropractic Physician and certified in Functional Medicine. His passion is to help people make radical improvements in their life and health from the inside-out. Dr. David, along with his wife Dr. Jill, runs a holistic wellness care center in Carpentersville, IL (   He and his wife have been married for 17 years and share strong faith and values as well as two wonderful children. 


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