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Guest Post: Thriving Requires: Passion

By January 31, 2016August 13th, 2019Thriving Requires, Website




  1. An intense, driving feeling or conviction
  2. A strong devotion to some activity or concept
  3. An object of desire or deep interest

One of the greatest assets of mankind is our passion. Revolutionaries such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Clara Barton, and Thomas Edison were undeniably passionate game changers who helped mold the society that we live in today. Evidence of their influence stretches to every corner of the globe; it is almost impossible to imagine what the world would look like without their dreams, heart, and sweat.

It is hard for me to admit, but when I initially reflected upon the lives of these individuals, I felt disheartened. How could I impact mankind in ways like they did? How could I foster positivity as delicately and strong? Who was I to change a nation? But as I continued to contemplate their stories, I slowly began to realize that the passion that lived inside of each of them resides in me as well. The incredible truth is that the potential for this kind of change lives inside all of us.  

While each of us may not start a cultural movement, bring throngs of people to better health, or become the next great inventor, we can impact the lives of those around us in incredible and thoughtful ways. Our passion has the ability to give us acute insight on how we can improve the lives of others; it has the capacity to guide us to vantage points that nobody else has the perspective to see. This perspective is significant because each of us have unique interactions with the world everyday. Each of us may be the only person in the precisely right position to see needs that may otherwise go unnoticed.

We can start to foster our own passion by strategically saying “yes.” Saying yes might take the form of helping someone move, volunteering our time at the local food bank, or giving to a worthy cause. Each time we say yes, we have the ability to let our passion and visions positively impact those we come in contact with. Each time that we say yes to putting someone else first, our humility and passion have a chance to grow.  Best of all, being available and excited to participate in seemingly small opportunities will open our hearts to even greater adventures.

By passionately inspiring others to be better nurses, teachers, or clerks; we fundamentally change the way the world thinks and feels. This change is undeniably real and incredibly powerful. But how can we bring out our inner passion?

What if we:

1. Started a Revolution

It can be natural to focus on what is wrong with a situation but a negative mindset can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction. You can create your own passion revolution by fundamentally shifting your perspective to be more optimistic. Instead of saying “it’s too cold outside” try saying, “the sunset looked incredible over the snow.” You might not be able to immediately change a negative circumstance but changing your perspective will give you a breath of fresh air and give you the ability to view problems as opportunities.

2. Enjoyed Our Lunches

  It’s easy to gobble down a turkey sandwich without much thought. To become more passionate, try to appreciate the everyday beauty that already surrounds you. Savor the flavors, textures, and sights of life’s little treasures and take time to live in the moment instead of basking in the glow of electronics. Why not start building passion by enjoying your lunch?

3. Celebrated Our Failures

Failures can often seem like a waste of time but they can be some of the best opportunities that we have to learn. Instead of getting down on yourself when something does not go your way, celebrate that you learned something new. Take a few deep breaths and think about what the experience taught you.  Use your new knowledge and positive mindset as a springboard to focus your energy on the next task ahead.

Passion allows us to destroy complacency and feelings of hopelessness that a negative situation can’t change. In its place, passion brings us excitement, intrigue, and freedom. Passion allows us to clean the lens we use to view our everyday surroundings and reveals beauty in places that we could not see before.

My hope is that these words and advice will inspire you to do something radical like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Clara Barton, and Thomas Edison did. The gracious and comforting truth about their journeys is that these individuals were born in humble beginnings, not as the world changers that history remembers. These people dreamed big and overcame obstacles, putting in the sweat to see their dreams come to fruition.

Passion will not look the same for everyone nor be of the same magnitude but regardless of what it looks like for you, it will change the world.

Let’s start a revolution of passion, let’s find our thrive.

mark soohooMark SooHoo, CPA, MBA, Senior Staff Accountant at Sikich LLPMark SooHoo is a passionate young professional with a burning desire to see others reach their full potential. He currently works as Senior Staff Accountant at Sikich LLP in Naperville, IL ( and enjoys helping clients become more efficient and knowledgeable.  He presenttly resides in West Chicago, IL where he enjoys volunteering, playing percussion, and hiking. Connect with him on his LinkedIn account.

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  • crusso01 says:

    This is exactly what everyone needs to be reminded of in their darkest hours. Give thanks for all things, for even what may seem challenging or defeating at times has a positive and beneficial purpose. There is goodness in everything when you dig deep down. It is ALL good 🙂 Great read.