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Danny Rodriguez

Fun memory!

“Ben I don’t wanna be a boy anymore! awkward silence no wait.. that didn’t come out right!”

Hahahahah Happy birthday man and God bless!!!

Jeremy Wagner

Tiana Jade

One memory that totally sticks out is when our home church Family Life Church decided to visit a church near us called Vineyard Church and that morning, myself and my friend Analisa were talking to Ben and somehow convinced him to let us put his hair in pigtails. We put his hair up in the pigtails (and made him look very pretty) ? and he wore his hair like that for the entire service! We took a picture so that memory would last us forever. It was a “little sister” moment I will never forget!

Brandon Pounds

Ted and Rhonda Manichia

Ben you’ve been an inspiration to me with my business. From the amazing videos you made for us, your encouragement, ideas and patience are unmatched. We enjoyed our times with you and your family..I pray your new Birthday Year will be everything and more, showing you how much your loved by all who know you and most of all your Heavenly Father who created you?
Happy Birthday
From Ted and Rhonda Manichia

Teresa Shymansky

Happy Birthday Ben!

I have such wonderful memories of Jecelyn and you coming to help me launch my business. You were just newly married. And memories of your selfless trip to DC to cover the Awakening the Dawn event.  This is a birthday declaration for you Ben.

Thank you Heavenly Father for your precious son Jesus Christ through whom you have given Ben everything pertaining to life and godliness. Thank you that you have put in him a dream to see others birth their visions and to help them by using all the talents you have given him which indeed are many.  Father today we ask for more. Fill his spirit man with your glory, your glory light, your life and love. Cause your spirit and power to open the gateways of his insights, revelation, worship, prayer, faith, hope and reverential fear of the Lord God Elohim his creator.

Father, bring increase to his ability to provide for his beautiful wife Jecelyn whom he loves and his precious daughter Israelle, both in the natural and spiritual realms. Bless Ben with increase in the brilliance of his mind to expand in the areas of media, video and related technology.  You have given him the mind of Christ to rule and reign on this earth over the enemy. Bless him with joy unspeakable even in the midst of trials. That Ben would know you in the depths of his spirit being which is made to govern over his soul and senses.

Thank you Father that you have placed in Ben a Father’s heart for his beloved Israelle. Oh, how wonderful that she will grow up knowing the love of a Father daddy.  Bless his marriage to Jecelyn as the 2 continue to become one as they grow together in Christ.

Ben that you have become a fruitful field but now you are being counted for a forest.

Isaiah: 32:15

Happy Birthday Ben!  Thank you for all you and Jecelyn did for me. I am truly blessed to know you both and be recipients of your passions and love.

Love, Teresa Shymansky

Roger Simmons

Hey Big Ben! I pray the Lord bless you in whole as a man, husband, and father. May you enjoy your day with your family. Peace and Grace! (Keep that chicken working (lol))

Glenn Bilkis

Maribeth and Donovan

Reggie Kee

Hey, I don’t know if there’s some component to your business that Benjamin is contemplating buying right now but even as this verse from Jeremiah 32 : 8 comes to me in my studies, if he’s deliberating, he should buy it. This will help advance the business according to the prophetic word that I sent.

Jeremiah 31:33 also stands out as a witness to the word that God gave me for Benjamin when I said that He will put something in his bowels. It felt weird when it came out of my mouth because I was comfortable saying that God was placing something in his LAP but the BOWELS piece is what followed. This scripture reinforces that!

Nate Ray

Angela Rak

Happy birthday, Ben!

I hope that you are able to do something you love with the people you love today.

I was thinking back over the years we’ve known each other, and two memories come back especially strongly.

Way back at Riverwoods, when I was the “Adventure director” who went by Shipwreck because I no matter how hard I tried, I felt I couldn’t stay afloat, and you were a counselor who saw my distress and went out of your way to encourage me and help me. You were a friend I could talk to, a buddy to watch Anchorman with, and, amazingly, you found the time in the middle of everything you were doing to create a scavenger hunt for me to go on! That summer would have been so different and much worse if you weren’t my friend.

Then, years later that time you visited me in Italy! I was so excited to see a friend who had known me longer than a matter of weeks! I had a blast showing you around Milan and hearing about your travels, and you were such a good sport about having to sleep in my kitchen. ?

You are such a faithful friend, and I feel lucky to know you.

Happy, happy birthday my friend.

Hannah Rocha

Dear Ben,
Happy Birthday !!! Its another year. May God bless you with many more l beautiful ones.??
Thank you for being in Nates life and being family to him. You are starting to become family to me too. It is encouraging to see how close you two are and how you care for others. I’m excited and honored to be there to see Isreal grow as well. She has a great dad and she is blessed with two inspiring parents.❤ I also love how God has gifted you with knowing how to bring people together. Not everyone has it. Thank you for being yourself ! Can’t wait to share more memories !

Tracy Shenkin

“Have some cake!”

Also, how lucky was I to be baptized at such a beautiful place by my sweet cousin